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Our shirt frames are made from 36 separate components using 24 processes and an obsessive attention to detail, creating frames that are renowned for their quality.

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Welcome to Sportsframe

Whether you’re looking to have your favourite football shirt framed, or to purchase framed sports memorabilia, Sportsframe are for you!

Let’s face it: if you’ve got a signed football shirt, cricket bat, boxing gloves or other sporting treasure, you’ll want to make sure it’s well protected, and that it looks great for years to come.

That’s where Sportsframe can help.

You see, with over 12 years devoted to perfecting the techniques needed to perfectly frame football shirts, sports equipment, and virtually anything else you can think of, we can provide you with a frame and mount that will turn your item into a work of art.

Here are just 5 great reasons to call Sportsframe on 01933 442627 or contact us here today:

Our passion

We consider ourselves very lucky to work in a profession that is also our hobby. After so many years collecting and framing memorabilia, and seeing the joy and excitement this can bring to collectors lives, we continue to enjoy a genuine passion for our work.

We employ 5 full time staff and ensure that our 12 years of experience and knowledge is passed on to each and every one of them. We make sure that all of our staff prepare for, and pass the Fine Art Trade Guild’s examination for framers and that they reach at least the ‘Commended Framer’ standard ensuring your finished memorabilia frame is something to be proud of.

This means that you will only ever have your memorabilia mounted and framed by someone who cares, is qualified and who shares the same genuine enthusiasm for their work as you do.

Market leading techniques

Our business was born out of a need for improved products and services for people, such as you, who collect memorabilia and require a professional looking way to display them.

This means that when we began there were very few established techniques for mounting and framing such items and as a result we have developed a number of our own over the years that enable us to set the standard for bespoke projects, providing you with a look and finish that is second to none.

Bespoke work

All the work we carry out is completely bespoke, and to your exact needs and requirements. This means you’ll get exactly the look and high quality finish you desire.

We design, build and finish all our projects as ‘one-off’ pieces that you will treasure forever.

In fact, the combinations of frame, mount and overall look are almost endless. Currently we can offer you a choice of over 3,000 different mouldings, over 300 mountboards and even 6 grades of glass.

Attention to detail

Whenever we carry out a framing project, we want you to be totally bowled over by the end result, which is why we always create a mock-up or layout for you to approve or amend, before commencing the creation of the finished item.

In addition, we always keep intricate records or all our jobs, so that if your collection grows, and you require a consistent look across all your pieces, we can instantly refer back to find out what we did and how we did it, so we can replicate the work for your new memorabilia.

Our passion for memorabilia and framing extends into the after sales care and service we provide all our clients.

We understand what it means to own a little piece if history, and we want you to be completely happy forever, not just the first few months after your have your piece mounted and framed.

That’s why after 3 years, we provide you with FREE servicing of your frame which will involve us taking apart, checking, cleaning and re-assembling your frame, complete with a new hanging system, all without any cost to you.


We never let a frame or mount out of the workshop that we wouldn’t be happy to display in our own home. That’s why, whenever you commission us to carry out work for you, we offer an unconditional, 100% satisfaction guarantee, or we’ll refund you your money.

To find out more about how Sportsframe can help you, contact us here, or call us now on 01933 442627!