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My name is Adam Gascoigne; I founded Sportsframe in 1998 because as a collector I couldn’t find anyone to frame my growing collection of cricket memorabilia just how I wanted it. Since then the memorabilia industry in the UK has grown dramatically but the standard of framing is still very patchy. I’ve seen and heard all sorts of horror stories including shirts with their sleeves cut off, faded autographs the list is endless. I’ve also seen people spend money they didn’t need to on expensive options by over zealous salesmen.

I’m determined to improve the standard of memorabilia framing within the UK. The only way I can do this is to provide you with all the FREE help & information you need to make an informed decision. I think this is the most important section of our website so please take advantage of it. You don’t have to use our framing services to get access to the information.

I recognise not everyone is comfortable using an internet company especially when it comes to their treasured sports memorabilia, (I know I’d need a lot of persuading) so if you prefer to use your local framer I totally understand just make sure you choose a member of the Fine Art Trade Guild and use our guides to ask the right questions and be 100% sure you know what processes are going to be employed when framing your memorabilia, I know I do.

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